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Why a Denver fur coat should be on your Holiday wish list!

December 21, 2020

With the holiday season upon us, you may be wondering what your loved ones might be leaving you under the tree. If you have been extra nice this year, it may be time to ask for the greatest gift of all- a quality Denver fur coat! A fur coat is the ultimate in luxury, warmth, and style. If you are still on the fence about a fur coat, peruse our favorite reasons to add this timeless piece to your Holiday wish list!

Fur lasts a lifetime

One of the many benefits of a fur coat is its longevity. With a shelf-life of nearly half a century, fur coats can last decades when properly maintained and stored. This is a perfect investment piece for those looking for a family heirloom or a garment that will withstand the test of time. Worried you may not like the style of your coat after years of wear? Fur coats are the perfect candidate for upcycling and repurposing! When altered and handled by a professional furrier, like the experts at Jonval, your favorite fur can be transformed into a beautiful vest, cozy muff, or even the sweetest stuffed teddy bear.

Fur is soft and warm

The quality, warmth, and suppleness of real fur is something that cannot be paralleled. Although many man-made materials have tried to reproduce furs natural qualities, there is no mistaking the superiority of a real Denver fur coat. From high-end mink to more approachable beaver, pelts are available in a wide variety of price-points, colors, styles, and lengths. No matter what type of fur you chose, the softness will be unlike anything you have experienced before. This is especially true with the extremely dense and plush options like mink and chinchilla. Because they offer the wearer an additional layer of insulation from the elements, natural fur coats also provide unbeatable warmth.

Fur never goes out of style

Fur coats have been used for centuries to provide their wearers warmth and (most importantly) style. With seemingly endless color options, sizes, and pelts available, there is a fur coat for just about anyone. As mentioned above, fur coats can last decades when taken care of correctly. Because of their longevity and quality, fur has remained a luxurious wardrobe staple since the 11th century. When purchasing your perfect fur coat be sure to consider a length and cut that are most flattering on your body type. Take your time and try on multiple styles and fits. Once you have found the fur for you, consider having it professionally tailored to ensure an impeccable fit.  

If you are ready to find the perfect Denver fur coat, come visit us at 6880 East Evans Avenue to view our amazing selection of fur and leather. With a wide variety of leather and fur pieces, we can find, or design, a jacket that matches your style flawlessly. You can also call us at (720)-377-1555 to learn more about all of our fur, leather, and shearling services.