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The best winter accessories from your Denver leather store

December 3, 2020

As winter weather approaches, you may find yourself in need of a few extra layers. Now is the perfect time to ditch the boring, poorly made standards and invest in quality goods from your Denver leather and fur store. By adding these luxurious and durable accessories to your winter wardrobe, you can stay stylish and warm for years to come!  Take a look at a few of our favorite winter additions below.

Leather gloves
If you think leather gloves are reserved for motorcyclists and driving aficionados, you would be very mistaken. Leather gloves are fantastic at keeping your digits insulated, while still allowing plenty of mobility and style. With numerous color options, you can find a pair perfectly suited to your needs. As an added bonus, leather gloves can last years. By investing in this stylish accessory, you can eliminate the need to purchase a new pair year after year (saving you money and time). For those in search of something even warmer, consider adding a quality fur lining.

Fur coats and vests
Fur coats have been used for centuries due to their warmth and luxury. If you have been considering purchasing a fur coat, now is the perfect time. With options ranging from mink to beaver, fur coats offer unparalleled warmth and style. If you are looking for a coat that offers you years of wear, look no further than real fur. In fact, a properly cared for fur can last more than 50 years! Still not convinced, but interested in adding fur to your wardrobe? Consider the always stylish fur vest. Available in a myriad of colors, lengths, and sizes, fur vests offer you multiple seasons of wear. By investing in a fur product this winter, you can experience the comfort only real fur can give.

Leather jackets
From a classic bomber style to the always-edgy motorcycle cut, leather jackets are always in style. Whether adorning your jacket for a small holiday gathering or just running errands in the snow, these are amazing winter accessories that can often be worn year-round. If you are ready to really elevate your wardrobe, a leather jacket is key. These long lasting, durable pieces are fantastic at keeping you warm, especially when paired with a fur vest and leather gloves. When looking for a winter leather jacket, we recommend considering classic styles (like a flight or motorcycle jacket) with fur lining or trim. Shearling is also a great option for those seeking something winter-appropriate.

Interested in any of the accessories above? Contact the professionals at Jonval Leather and Fur. With a wide variety of fur and leather goods at your disposal, we can find, or design, the perfect winter accessory for your style. If you have questions or simply want to view our incredible inventory of fur and leather, give our team a call at 720-377-1555. You can also stop by to have your fur or leather pieces repaired, cleaned, or stored. Call us today to learn more!