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Keep your Denver leather jacket looking like new this winter

October 23, 2020

Your Denver leather jacket is a versatile, durable, and (most of all) beautiful investment piece. When properly cared for, these gorgeous garments can last decades. However, late fall and early winter conditions can cause some wear and tear on these pieces. If you have noticed your favorite leather jacket losing a bit of its luster, try these tips to keep it looking like new!

Read the label

One of the easiest ways to keep your Denver leather jacket looking great is to read the care instructions. While some jackets can withstand certain levels of water and heat exposure, others can be destroyed by these. Always check the manufacturer’s label (frequently located on the interior of the jacket around the neck or torso) and follow it to the letter. If you are unsure or cannot find the care instructions, contact our leather experts for guidance.

Invest in professional cleaning and tailoring

Related to following the care instructions, most (if not all) quality leather jackets require professional cleaning and tailoring. Never attempt to wash or dry your leather jacket at home. Dryers can deplete your supple leather of its moisture, leaving you with a dried and cracked garment. Washing your leather can also destroy it, as many leathers require very specific cleaning conditions. Although the winter is a great time to get your jacket cleaned, be sure the cleaners you choose are well-versed in leather maintenance. Having your leather cleaned at least once a year by a professional is a great way to keep it shiny, soft, and supple.

Tailoring your jacket once every few years is also a great way to keep it looking new. Just as our bodies change year-to-year, your leather jacket can also change over time. If your jacket is ill-fitting or needs a style update, getting it professionally tailored by a leather expert is the perfect solution.

Hang and store properly

Hanging and storing your leather jacket properly is one of the most important steps to keeping it looking its best. Although you may be tempted to fold your jacket, this can cause unwanted cracks and creases. When not wearing your jacket, it is best to hang it. When hanging your jacket, always avoid wire hangers as these can create permanent, unwanted bumps and creases in the shoulders. Instead, we recommend using wide, padded hangers that do not distort the shape of your jacket. It is also important to hang your jacket in a well-ventilated closet that does not receive direct sunlight, as this can discolor the leather.

When you are ready to retire your jacket for the season, we also recommend utilizing professional storage options, like the ones at Jonval. These temperature-controlled facilities are the perfect option to keep your leather jacket in pristine condition! If you have any questions about maintaining, repairing, storing, or cleaning your Denver leather or fur- we are here to help. Give our experts a call at 720-377-1555. You can also visit us at 6880 East Evans Avenue to view our fantastic inventory of leather and fur. Discover your perfect Denver leather jacket at Jonval Leather and Fur!