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Signs your Denver Leather Jacket Needs Alterations

September 23, 2020

Your Denver leather jacket is as stylish as it is durable. However, these investment pieces are not invincible. With decades-long lifetimes, you may find your favorite jacket needs some updating. While you can always purchase something new, you should also consider salvaging your jacket through alterations and minor repairs. If you think your jacket may be in need of alterations, take a look at some common signs for them below.  

Improper Fit

Leather jackets mold to your body over time, but what happens when that body changes? Many of us deal with fluctuations in weight, height, and other body changes that can alter the fit of your leather jacket. Although slight loosening or tightening of your jacket can be normal, if you find the fit has become much too tight or too loose it may be time to alter your jacket. Finding a tailor that specializes in leather alterations and repair is imperative for these types of modifications. We recommend discussing your concerns with our expert tailors at Jonval, as they can offer the best solutions to your fit problems. Do not try to alter your jacket at home, as this can damage your garment beyond repair.  

Loose Zippers or Fixtures

Chances are your Denver leather jacket has some hardware attached. Over time these can break down and need repair. From loose buttons to broken zippers, fixing these fixtures should always be done by a professional. If you start noticing a button, zipper, or other hardware failing, be sure to contact a local tailor that specializes in leather at once. Although it may be tempting to sow these back on by hand, this could cause serious damages to your investment piece. If the button or zipper has completely fallen off, be sure to keep the fixture as it may be difficult to find an identical replacement.

Style Update

When properly taken care of, your leather jacket can last decades. While it is true leather jackets never go out of style, some elements of the garment may need a few modern updates. For instance, if your vintage leather jacket has large, oversized shoulders or sleeves you may want a more fitted look to match the current trends. Whether you are looking for a complete jacket redesign or just need a few minor style updates, we highly recommend you contact our experts or find a local tailor that is familiar with leather alterations. If you are ready for something new but want to keep elements of your old jacket, consider turning your garment into a custom piece with our custom leather jacket services.
When it comes to Denver leather repair, trust the experts at Jonval Leather and Fur. With a wide variety of alteration and repair services, we can help with all your leather and fur needs. For questions call our team at 720-377-1555. You can also visit our showroom to view our wide selection of leather and fur coats. Contact us today to see how we can breathe new life into your leather jacket!