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How to pull-off leather in the workplace

June 24, 2020

Leather lovers may want to wear their favorite pieces as much as possible—even when they’re at work. Fortunately, there are ways to make a Denver leather jacket or other leather clothing items appropriate for the office. Follow these tips to incorporate leather into your work wardrobe:

Leather skirts can be worn to work when paired with a button down blouse, however it’s important to check the length on the skirt. Many leather skirts are cut well above the knee, but this is not appropriate for the workplace. Look for a leather skirt that falls right at or below the knee. Remember, the skirt will rise about two to three inches when you’re seated. If you’re not comfortable wearing a fitted leather skirt to work, try one with a bit more volume. Look for an A-line leather skirt with pleating that may be more appropriate for the office.

It’s recommended that you only wear one leather piece per outfit so you don’t show up to the office in head to toe leather. Pair a leather jacket with a feminine sheath dress or leather pants with a loose-fitting, chiffon blouse. You can incorporate a bit more leather with your accessories, but again, don’t go overboard. Less is always more when it comes to accessorizing your work wardrobe.

Lighter Colors
Some people may feel as if black leather is too dark and edgy for their workplace, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear leather at all. Choose a softer color such as burgundy or camel that doesn’t come off as harsh as black. This is a great way to make your look more approachable and appropriate for the daytime.

Baby Steps
If you work in a conservative environment, you may want to test the waters to see how people react to leather in the workplace. Instead of showing up in your boldest embellished leather jacket, start of small by choosing tops or jackets with leather detailing. Look for button down shirts with leather collars or leather trim. You may also be able to find blazers with patches of leather on the elbow or lapel. Wear these pieces and gauge your co-workers’ reactions to see if you can push the boundaries even more by wearing pieces that are made entirely out of leather.

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