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How to wear your Denver leather jacket this summer

April 17, 2020

In hot weather, leather is most often relegated to better quality footwear, belts, purses, and other accessories. Leather stores in Denver beg to differ. Leather can be worn all year, especially if you work in an air conditioned environment.

The key to wearing leather during the summer is that you choose the leather jacket that gives you room to breathe - don’t wear a leather jacket that is skin-tight. Wearing a lighter leather jacket that gives your skin room to breathe will keep you from overheating in the hot summer sun. Leather is the perfect layering jacket for summer, or the perfect standalone piece. Here are some of our favorite ways to wear leather:

Dresses: There isn’t a woman’s body shape that the proper dress cannot flatter. The beauty of a dress is that hem lengths, sleeve lengths, and silhouettes come in amazing variety, so it’s perfectly feasible to find a cut and style that suits the individual woman. Choose a dress in a lightweight leather, pastel or neutral color, with short sleeves (or just shoulder straps), and a loose, flattering drape that won’t bind.
Skirts: Leather skirts cross seasons easily. Pair them with sweaters in cooler weather, form-fitting tee shirts or flowing blouses in warmer weather for a chic, trendy look.
Shorts: Leather shorts might be one of the less common items, but they combine hot weather style with comfort and durability.
Pants: Capri length pants might be the better option for hot weather, but lighter weight leather pants work perfectly well when those summer days turn expectedly cool or if you’re stuck in a frigid conference center.
Tops: From leather tee shirts to halter tops to button-down Oxfords, leather shirts come in every style and color. Look for soft lamb leather and lightweight suede for summer wear.
Jackets and vests: Exchange that dull, ordinary blazer for a cropped leather jacket for instant, professional style. With myriad details--studs, three-quarter length sleeves, and other variations--you’ll make a statement without saying a word.

If you cannot find suitable summer leatherwear at your favorite retailer, Jonval Leather & Furs excels in custom leather designs. Bring your idea for that perfect leather clothing item and we'll make it for you. Or, bring an outdated piece to Jonval and we'll refashion it for contemporary fit and style.