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Four leather types that you need to know about

April 3, 2020

Ready for a new look? A Denver leather jacket is the perfect way to take your look to the next level. Not only are they stylish, but leather jackets are durable, versatile, and worth the investment. There are a few different types of leather that you can consider. When you visit your local leather store in Denver, it is good to learn about the four types of leather there are. The type of leather is important - it can help compliment your current wardrobe and even make for a more comfortable jacket.

First things first, leather is made from cowhide. There are four different types of leather that are created from the cowhide - full grain, corrected grain, top grain, and split grain. The most original state of cowhide, full grain, is extremely durable. Full grain leather maintains the most original state of cowhide. Hair and imperfections are not removed and the material is sanded down to create its overall texture. In this original state, this type of leather is extremely durable. Not only is it durable, but it is fantastic at repelling water (if needed). Despite its ability to repel water, remember you should not purposely get your leather jacket wet!

Corrected grain is when an artificial surface must be added to the leather. Because of this modification, it closely resembles full grain leather. However, it is not as soft. It is very durable though. In fact, depending on the material, it may be even more durable than full grain leather. This type of material helps with some imperfections that could not otherwise be taken care of in a normal full grain process. 

One of the most popular types of leather sold, top grain, is literally the top layer of cowhide. The process to create top grain leather is also known as “splitting,” as it removes the hair and outer layer. From here, it may be sanded to create its overall appearance. This will also take care of any obvious large marks within it and smooth everything out. The great thing about this type of leather is throughout its finishing process, it remains very durable. 

When cowhide is extremely thick, it may be split in two - creating split grain leather.So, the top grain and bottom layers are removed. Additional layers may be split as well hence the name “split grain.” When making this type of leather, this is often how suede is created. This material has a soft texture that is primarily found on furniture. 

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