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Tips for Buying Custom Leather Driving Gloves This Winter

December 26, 2019

If you do a lot of driving throughout the winter, you may notice how freezing cold your hands can get. Although you may be tempted to spend gas and energy from your vehicle to keep the interior heated warmly before driving, there are other ways you can stay warm, such as wearing custom leather driving gloves. 

Figure Out Your Spending Limits
When buying custom-fit leather apparel, it’s essential that you have the budget to afford such items. As leather clothing, in general, can be quite expensive, you don’t want to underfund your custom leather driving gloves unless you want to experience another cold winter of driving this year. To ensure you have the budget for this winter holiday expense, you should look over your debt to income ratio and consider speaking to your bank for budgeting needs. 

Find Your Hand Measurements
To figure out the size of custom leather driving gloves you should purchase this winter; you will need to take measurements of your hand. If you’re unsure how to do this, you can always stop by a local Denver leather shop in your area, so that they can adequately measure your hands or recommend what size would best fit you. To figure out hand measurements on your own, take a fabric tape measure in one hand and with the other, measure your fingers and base of your wrist. With these numbers, you can head to a Denver leather shop and pay for your custom leather driving gloves to be made. 

Shop Around in Local Leather Shops
To begin shopping around for leather driving gloves, you should stop by a few local Denver leather shops to find the best variety in color, design, and leather type. However, when shopping, you should remember to keep your budget in mind. Also, try out a few different styles to determine which one best suits you. After all, there are so many for you to choose, even for just a pair of leather gloves! 

Buy a Few Different Pairs
Once you’ve found your preferred color and style of leather glove, you should consider buying a few different pairs. This way, you can try each out for a few different days to really figure out which one(s) you like the most. Although it can be expensive to purchase a few different pairs of custom leather driving gloves, remember, you’ll be returning the ones you don’t enjoy so that you won’t be spending more than a single pair. 

There’s a lot to consider when buying custom leather driving gloves this winter, from figuring out how much you can spend to buying a few different pairs of your own. Although it may seem like a lengthy process to purchase something as simple as gloves, leather apparel can be quite expensive and requires an extensive process to find the right kind for you. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping for your new pair of leather driving gloves at Jonval Leathers and Furs today at 6880 E. Evans Avenue here in Denver.