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How to Prevent Extensive Leather Repair in Denver This Winter

December 11, 2019

There’s nothing better than brandishing your stylish leather clothing in the winter. The only downside is the danger you impose wearing leather in the harsher weather and lower temperatures. But how can you prevent extensive leather repair in Denver this winter? Here are a few tips to help you out this cold holiday season avoiding costly trips to a leather repair shop in the Denver area.

Hang Up Your Jacket 
If you find yourself frequently wanting to wear leather clothing this winter, especially leather jackets, you should make sure you hang them up after wearing the article of clothing. In case you got water or dirt on it, this will help make cleaning your leather clothing a lot easier, also preventing unnecessary wrinkles from regular use. Not to mention, no leather clothing should be kept in a giant heap. Remember, you spend good money purchasing your leather clothing, make sure to treat them well. The more time you spend on extending the life of your leather apparel, the better you’ll feel owning these expensive articles of clothing. 

Treat Regularly with a Leather Moisturiser  
If you’re wondering what you can personally do to ensure your leather clothing is kept in good condition and prevent cracking, which would require expensive leather repair, you should treat your leather clothing regularly with special leather moisturizer. This product will help prevent your leather clothing from drying out, especially in the colder weather. Fortunately, most leather moisturizers don’t cost more than $20 and can last quite a while, even with regular application. Although upkeeping your leather clothing may seem like a lot of work, it beats needing to pay hundreds of dollars a year in leather repairs.

Make Repairs as Soon as Damage Occurs
If you do need to get your leather jacket, pants, or gloves repaired, you should do so immediately. The longer you wait to get your leather apparel fixed, the worse the damages are going to become and the more money you’re going to have to pay. Although no one enjoys paying for repairs, your leather clothing will appreciate the care. Plus, your local leather repair shop might even have some suggestions for preventing a rip or tear that you caused in the first place.  

Avoid Wearing Leather in Poor Weather Conditions
Although this may be challenging to do, you should avoid wearing a large quantity of leather in poor weather conditions without treating them first. Although a leather jacket may seem cool to wear during a snowstorm, you should consider wearing a fur coat in Denver instead. However, you should be okay if you have your leather apparel professionally treated before wearing them in the bitter winter weather. 

There’s a lot to consider to prevent extensive leather repair in Denver this winter, from hanging up your jacket and other leather apparel to avoiding wearing leather in poor weather conditions. Hopefully, you could get a few ideas on how to prevent leather damage to your apparel this cold holiday season. However, if you do have repairs that need to be made, make sure to stop by our store, Jonval Leathers and Furs, at 6800 E. Evans Avenue here in Denver. Our staff will be more than happy to look over your leather clothing and make necessary affordable repairs.