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Taking care of your Denver fur coat

November 12, 2019

So you’ve purchased a real fur what? Real fur is not only comfortable and warm, but it adds a great look to any closet. However, true fur coats can require some additional daily care, but we have your need to know guide to help guide you through it.

Daily Storage
The most important part of maintaining your fur coat is to be careful about how you store your fur coat on a daily basis. Always keep your fur coat on a sturdy hanger, and store in a dust-free place. We recommend your closet, but it’s important to keep your fur coat in a cotton bag if you aren’t wearing it daily. The cotton bag allows your fur coat room to breathe and gives it a true opportunity to stay in tip-top shape.

Pinning broaches or other pins on your fur coat is a common and easy way to accessorize. We fully recommend that you do so, however, it can cause some severe matting on your fur coat if you aren’t careful. Whenever you wear jewelry on your coat, be sure to remove the coat before hanging.

Stay Aware of Chemicals
When putting on your coat, it’s important to stay aware of what else you have left in your daily routine. For example, if you still need to put on makeup or hair spray - do not put on your fur coat. Same with perfume. Hair spray, perfume, and other beauty products often contains chemicals that could damage your fur coat. Make sure you put your fur coat on when you are completely done getting ready.

Daily Wear
If you are wearing your fur every day, make sure that you remove the coat before sitting down for long periods of time. When you sit down, you are going to crush the fur. While doing so briefly won’t cause any serious harm, prolonged sitting can be dangerous for your jacket. If you are caught in rain or snow, when you get inside be sure to shake off your coat and let your coat hang in a well-ventilated area. 

If you need additional assistance with maintaining or storing your fur coat in Denver, reach out to our team. We are here to help with daily care, repairs, and even can create custom fur coats fit just for you.To get started, shop at Jonval Leathers and Furs in Denver. Stop by our showroom from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday. We are located at 6880 E. Evans Ave. Questions? Give us a call at 720-377-1555.