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The holiday season is upon us, purchase a gift at Jonval leather and fur

October 23, 2019

The holiday season is here! Well...almost. As the end of October is nearing you are probably thinking of the upcoming gift season, and might be wondering what to do. We highly recommend purchasing a Denver leather jacket for the significant other, family member, or even a child! But why? Is leather really worth it in the winter? 

If you are new to leather jackets, you might not be wanting to make a huge investment, but we promise you it’s worth it. Making purchasing a genuine leather jacket, you’ll get long-lasting wear out of it and ultimately it’ll be a better gift in the long run. Here is why a leather jacket makes the perfect gift, and is well worth the investment: 
  • Durability: A genuine leather jacket really is durable - they can hold through the elements, can easily be repaired, and ultimately gets better with age.
  • Style: Leather jackets never go out of style. They can be worn casually, or even in professional-based situations. It just depends on where you are going, and what you are looking for.
  • Comfortability: Leather jackets truly get better with age. As they break in, they become softer and actually mold to the owner’s body - which makes them extremely comfortable! 

You might be leaning towards purchasing a leather jacket as a gift now, but did you know that leather jackets come in a variety of colors and styles? From neutral colors to bold pops, you can truly pick a leather jacket that fits the person you are purchasing for. However, we do have a few recommendations. 

If you are purchasing a gift for a loved one, we recommend you stick with a neutral colored jacket. Blacks, browns, and even greys will be the best option as they truly go with anything, will likely be worn for awhile, and ultimately won’t ruffle the feathers of anyone you purchase for. In terms of styles, we recommend a racer or bomber jacket style. These jackets are some of the most popular in the country and often times the most stylish. They typically don’t feature many fixtures - keeping them more muted.

Whenever you are ready to purchase a leather jacket, be sure to reach out. We are here to help. With a wide variety of leather (and fur) jackets at your disposal, we can find, or design, the jacket that’s perfect for your loved one. Checkout the Jonval leather and fur gallery to view items available. Be sure to stop by and see us at 6880 E. Evans Ave. in Denver between 10 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday.