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Your Denver fur jacket repair, how to repair older jackets

September 11, 2019

When purchasing a Denver fur jacket, we always recommend purchasing new from a fur jacket retailer. This can help guarantee quality, and that you know exactly what you are getting. However, if you choose to go to a thrift store to purchase a fur jacket, that is completely alright! There might be some additional issues you face when purchasing a used jacket, all of which can be adjusted with the help of a qualified team. 

If your fur jacket is encountering the following, bring it to your local Denver jacket repair shop for assistance. Not only can we help you determine if it’s real fur, we can help fix the following: 
Loose Pelts: Is the top of the jacket around the next a little lose? We can help reattach the top pelt with ease. 
Closures: Is your jacket button-up or zip? We can help with whatever issues you might be encountering. We are here to help you keep your jacket zipped and/or buttoned and cozy all fall and winter long!
Tears: Whoops! You might have purchased a fur jacket with a rip, but that’s nothing our team of experts can’t handle. From small to large rips, we can help you get your fur jacket working in no time. 
Bald Spots: Perhaps the most intimidating repair for our customers is bald spot repair. If you have realized the fur jacket you’ve recently purchased has bald spots, don’t panic. We can help you! Just remember that when you bring it into the shop to point out the bald spots you’ve noticed, and voice your concerns. 

No matter what the issue, you’re welcome to bring your fur jacket to us at Jonval. We can help with all of the repairs listed prior, but any additional ones you have encountered. If you don’t have a repair, but are looking to get your recently purchased leather jacket tailored we can assist with that as well! A tailored fur jacket is the key to warmth and style for the longevity of your fur jacket.

Looking for a new fur jacket? We are also here to help. With a wide variety of fur (and leather) jackets at your disposal, we can find the jacket that’s perfect for you and matches your style. Checkout the Jonval leather and fur gallery to view items available. Be sure to stop by and see us at 6880 E. Evans Ave. in Denver between 10 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday.