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Your go to guide to wearing your leather jacket

July 17, 2019

You’ve made the investment in a beautiful Denver leather jacket, but now what? You might be wondering how to wear and style your leather jacket, which can be a common question and dilemma to have. But there is no need to worry, we are here to help style and wear your Denver leather jacket - you’ll be looking great for the remainder of this summer and into fall!

Make a statement
Use bright colored jewelry, accessories, and chunky accents to help make a leather jacket pop - particularly if you have a neutral colored jacket. Statement pieces are not only great for making the leather jacket pop, but they can help dress your leather jacket up for a night out. 

Uniform color
Have a black leather jacket? But don’t want to incorporate any bold pieces? You can make a statement by pairing your black leather jacket with black jeans, a black tank, and black accessories. Sometimes a unified color look is just what you need to rock your leather jacket.

Are you looking for a night out on the town? Sometimes the leather jacket can make the perfect layering accessory for a floral dress, cocktail dress, or even a chunky sweater. The great thing about using a leather jacket as a layering piece is that you don’t have to wear it the entire night. You can use the leather jacket as more of a jacket to wear if you get cold, and to change up your look throughout the night as you go from place to place.

Add some personality
Your neutral jacket, or colored jacket, can always benefit from an extra dose of personality. A neutral leather jacket looks great with a neutral or bold scarf and this simple upgrade can add a boost of style to your wardrobe. Colored leather jackets in general don’t need much of personality, it tends to do fine just as it is! However, when pairing your colored leather jacket with your wardrobe, make sure it doesn't get lost in other statement pieces that you are attempting to incorporate.

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