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Taking care of your Denver fur coat

July 3, 2019

Everyone loves a great fur coat! We can promise that while it might seem intimidating, a fur coat is not something that has to be difficult to take care of. We have compiled some of our best tips for everyday care of your Denver fur coat, and we’ve also compiled some of our most important cleaning tips that will help you take care of your fur coat for years to come. Afterall, it is an investment.

Everyday Tips
Hang your coat on a padded hanger, in a closet with plenty of space and room
Avoid hanging your coat in any type of bag - especially a plastic bag
Avoid using a shoulder bag, or other type of restricting bag that can damage the fur when it wears together
Don’t use any perfumes or hair spray on your coat - it can damage the fur

Cleaning Tips
If your jacket has been affected by rain or snow, shake out the precipitation and let the jacket hang in a well-ventilated room. It’s important that the jacket has the opportunity to dry-out not use any heat on the jacket!
Always seek the help of a professional fur cleaner immediately if the jacket becomes drenched in water or another liquid. This type of damage can permanently ruin the jacket - seek help!
Get your fur coat cleaned once a year with the help of a professional fur coat cleaner.

Professional Cleaner
We’ve already discussed the importance of getting your leather jacket cleaned professionally at least once a year. But what does this look like? 
All coats will be carefully inspected prior to cleaning for rips or tears
There are a few different fur coat cleaning options at the professionals, but typically environmentally-safe methods will be used to clean the coat
Large rollers might also be used to help “electrify” the coat, or get the hairs to seperate 

Another important thing to note is that if plan on putting your coat away for a few months, you should remove it from the hanger and store it in a clean, dry area preferably in your home. Fur coats can’t handle any heat, making the perfect temperature for storage around 45 degrees with no more than 50 percent humidity. Ideally, a fur storage vault is perfect for storing your fur investment, but that isn’t always the most cost effective way to store your fur coat. Avoid storing your fur coat in a closet, instead we recommend placing it in a chest or drawer - but be sure to check it often for any mothballs. 

If you need help purchasing a fur coat, or caring for a coat you currently own, give our team a call. Get started by booking an appointment with us, we are here to give you the perfect Denver leather jacket purchasing experience. Our experts can help guide you through the fur jacket process, from purchasing to day to day leather jacket care we can help you.