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The four Denver leather jackets every woman should own

June 19, 2019

There are so many leather jacket styles that you can own, and each has its own functionality and benefits. After some wear, each leather jacket develops its own unique character, and creates a unique look. Here are four Denver leather jackets we recommend every woman should own, and why! 

The Motorcycle Jacket
Classic, chic, and timeless, the motorcycle leather jacket is a must have in any closet. Designed for functionality, the Motorcycle Jacket is perfect for those looking for a simple jacket to layer your favorite sweater or blouse with. Often in neutral colors, the Motorcycle Jacket is perfect for those who would like an easy way to dress-up their outfit of the day without going too over the top.The Motorcycle Jacket is a great jacket to start with for those who are looking for a low-maintenance buy.

The Bomber Jacket
Bomber jackets are the perfect jacket for a fitted look. With tapered sleeves, the jacket naturally tapers in at the waist making it a flattering choice for all body types! Bomber Jackets are perfect for staying warm, and the ideal choice for someone who would like to go a step above the classic Motorcycle Jacket. The Bomber Jacket is the perfect way to elevate your style with minimal effort.

The Biker Jacket
Looking for a bold statement? Biker jackets are often edgier with bright colors, unique designs and embellishments that really pop. The Biker Jacket is perfect for a night out on the town, or for a casual look out with friends. While many Biker Jackets will already have the necessary embellishments, but you are welcome to add new embellishments or trinkets to help add some flair to the Biker Jacket.     

Fur-Trimmed Leather Jacket
This one is a unique one that is going to be perfect for a cold winter night or a more formal affair. Fur-trimmed leather jackets do tend to require a little extra care, so be sure to contact your Denver leather jacket store before purchasing. We are always here to help you with your Denver leather jacket care - including those that have fur incorporated.

If you need help purchasing a leather jacket, or caring for the leather jacket(s) you currently own, give our team a call. Our leather jacket repair team is top notch, and ready to help you get your investment back to where it should be. Get started by booking an appointment with us, we are here to give you the perfect Denver leather jacket purchasing experience. Our experts can help guide you through the leather jacket process, from purchasing to day to day leather jacket care we can help you.