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What to ask when looking for Denver leather repair assistance

June 5, 2019

It’s important to care for your Denver leather jacket to the best of your ability, afterall it is an investment. After a few months, or even years, of wearing you might notice some imperfections begin to develop with your leather jacket - maybe even some tears. Fortunately, leather jackets can be repaired and we at Jonval are here to help. However, no matter where you go there are some questions you should ask before settling on your leather repair technician. 

What are your qualifications? Do you have any recommendations? 
Chances are if you’ve found your leather repair technician online there might be some additional information available in terms of qualifications and recommendations. If you have not seen any of this information, don’t be afraid to ask in your discovery phase. This is your chance to ask the questions you need to prior to committing. 

Are estimates accurate? 
When you take your leather jacket in to a repair shop for an estimate, it’s important to ask if the quote provided will be the price you pay. Sometimes repairing leather takes more time than anticipated, and might even have a few additional hiccups. Make sure that the technician you visit won’t overcharge you and sticks to what they’ve given you. 

How will you protect my leather during repair? 
Hopefully your leather repair is minor and doesn’t require significant altercations. When a technician is fixing an area of leather, how is it being protected? Are they placing large amounts of water on the leather? Is it protected from additional chemicals in the surrounding area or chemicals that might be used on small sections of the jacket? It’s essential to ensure that while your leather imperfections are being repaired that new ones aren’t created. 

Should I do anything different after repair? 
This is an important question. Typically, you won’t have to treat your leather jacket any differently after a repair. If the technician tells you differently, you might want to probe a little further into why they are telling you that and what you should expect after any repairs.

Do you offer any additional support or guarantees?
You should ask if your leather technician offers any additional support or guarantees post-repair. Not only will this help you learn a little more about your technician, but it’ll also help you narrow down your technicians. Additional support after your repair can make it easier to maintain a high quality of leather and help you to protect your investment.

If you need help caring for your leather jacket, or purchasing a new one we are here to help. Our leather jacket repair team is top notch, and ready to help you get your investment back to where it should be. Get started by booking an appointment with us, we are here to give you the perfect Denver leather jacket purchasing experience. Our experts can help guide you through the leather jacket process, from purchasing to day to day leather jacket care we can help you.