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The most important things you should know about Denver leather jackets

May 22, 2019

No matter whether you are looking for a new leather jacket or are looking for one to add to your collection Jonval Leather and Fur is here to help. A leather jacket is a unique and exciting purchase, and we can ensure that purchasing your leather jacket is an enjoyable experience. But what do you really know about leather jackets? We’ve compiled some of the most important, and fun facts you need to know about leather jackets. 

The Material
Not all leather jackets are made of cowhide, there are many leather jackets that are made from different materials such as deer, antelope, and sheep. The benefit is that all of these hides have the ability to be durable and breathable, but most of all over time they become even more soft and comfortable. Most of the time, no matter what leather you get and where you live the leather jacket will be breathable and flexible enough to adjust to your body - making your leather more comfortable over time. 

The Variety 
Leather comes in all different colors - from black, brown, and grey to brighter colors you can really find something for everyone. The color of dyed leather can be long lasting, but after time you might need to have it restored after some time. Lucky for you, we have leather restoration services here at Jonval! 

The History
Did you know that leather has been popular since 3000 BC., in fact leather used to be worn by ancient Egyptian women and has even been used as wallpaper? Leather has been a popular commodity for centuries - making it essential in your wardrobe.

Leather is popular all over the world, but it is one of Italy’s biggest exports. In fact, Italy is second in the world when it comes to exporting leather, and leather clothing. Something else to know, is that leather’s texture changes in different locations. So where you buy, and where you wear your leather is important in determining the longevity and comfortability of your Denver leather jacket.

The Popularity
The leather industry is more profitable than you might think - in fact the leather industry has an annual revenue of over $53 billion. Leather sales even exceed rice, coffee, tea, and rubber annually - that’s a lot of leather! It’s suggested that the average consumer is wearing more than four pieces of leather at any time.Think about it, your leather, belt, shoes, and oftentimes watch strap are all made of leather.

Purchasing a leather jacket, whether it be your first jacket or another one to add to your collection, is always an exciting investment. If you are looking for a new leather jacket, be sure to contact us - we are always here to help! You can get started by booking an appointment with us, and remember that we are always here to help guide you through the purchasing process. We are also here to support you after your purchase with leather care, maintenance and repairs.