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Five tips for storing your Denver fur coat

May 15, 2019

The summer months are here which means the warm weather is here to stay! With the warmer weather, you are probably looking at your Denver fur coat collection wondering what’s next. During the warmer months you’ll need to store your fur coats properly, and effectively! These are our five tips for storing your fur coats. 

Purchase Fur Hangers 
It might seem extravagant, but it’s important to purchase a fur hanger to hang your Denver fur coats on. Fur hangers are broader set, with plenty of support for the heavy shoulders. 

Storage Bags 
This is a big one! It’s extremely important to purchase a fur storage bag. Do not store your fur coat in a general plastic bag - this will cut off air flow to your coat and can cause damage to your coat long term. This is why a fur storage bag is extremely important when it comes to storing your investment. Fur storage bags zip up to fully protect the fur coat, and it’s breathable enough to allow for some air movement. 

The storage bag will prevent dust and other dirt from landing on the fur coat. Even in the bag, it’s important that your fur coat be stored in the darkest, coolest spot in your closet. Never store your fur coat in cedar chests, as the oil can damage your fur coat. Also, be sure to never store the fur coat with other moth balls or wet - both of which can cause long lasting impacts on your coat.

Deep Clean
Before storing your fur coat in your closet, be sure you have completed a deep clean - we aren’t talking about the fur coat either. You need to deep clean the space you will be storing your fur coat in. That includes wiping down all services, and vacuuming the carpet in your closet (if that’s where you choose). If you don’t have carpet, make sure to sweep/mop the hardwood, laminate, tile, or vinyl flooring. It’s going to be extremely important that your closet is clean and fresh so that dust, dirt, and other contaminants don’t affect your coat.

Where to AVOID Storing Your Coat
There are a few places that you should avoid storing your coat (outside of the chest we’ve already talked about). You should not store your fur coat in the basement, attic, car, garage, or anywhere else that isn’t adequately cleaned and kept at an average temperature. Never store your fur coat in direct sunlight. Our best recommendation is to store your fur coat in a bedroom closet, as long as you keep your bedroom at a mild temperature, just make sure the coat has room to breathe and isn’t shoved into the closet. 

BONUS TIP: Lavender 
Looking for a way to keep moths and other insects at bay during storage? Purchase lavender sachets to place within the closet. Lavender will keep all moths and insects away from your fur coat while you are storing it in the off months. 

If you need help assistance storing your Denver fur coat, we can help. Get started by booking an appointment with us, we are here to guide you through the storage process and ensure your fur coat is safe throughout this summer.