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Denver Leather Jacket Alterations: 101

May 1, 2019

Now that you’ve purchased the Denver leather jacket you’ve been wanting, it’s time to make sure it fits right. The proper fitting leather jacket can make all the difference between a jacket you want to wear every day and one that you wear just out of obligation. Alterations can seem overwhelming, but they don’t have to be. We’ve compiled some of the most important information you need to know about getting your leather jacket altered.

Why should I get my jacket altered? 
Getting custom alterations for your leather jacket will give you a much more polished and finished look. There is nothing more flattery than the right length and hem line for your leather jacket. A properly fitting leather jacket will also be much more breathable, and it will reduce the feeling of bulkiness and uncomfortability. 

What alterations do people typically get done? 
Alterations vary from person to person, but these are some of the most common: 
Tailoring the waist: Taking in the waist of the leather jacket creates a more streamlined and tailored look
Adjusting the shoulders: Shoulder seams should not be too far down your arms, even if the jacket feels as if it fits lower shoulder seams give the appearance of a larger jacket
Sleeve adjustments: Longer leather jacket sleeves also gives the appearance of a larger jacket - sleeves should hit right at the wrist
Length adjustments: Leather jacket length will be a personal preference, but you can get the length of the jacket shortened if it’s too long

Any tips? 
Make sure that the jacket you are starting with is close to size to begin with. If you have a jacket that is significantly smaller or larger than your frame, it will be more expensive to have alterations done. The tailor will need to take the jacket a part and completely reassemble, so keep that in mind. 

Find the perfect tailor - one with experience and a great reputation. We recommend looking online at reviews and finding a tailor that has expertise in leather jackets. We are always here to help with your custom alteration needs. When it comes time to get your leather jacket tailored, be sure to wear clothes that you would normally wear underneath your jacket. This will ensure that your jacket will be tailored in a way that allows you to wear it with your favorite outfits. 

Make sure you are vocal when getting your jacket altered, afterall it is for you! Try to go into your alteration appointment with an idea of what you want to take care of - do you want the sleeves adjusted? Maybe it’s the length? Having an idea of what you are looking to accomplish at your appointment will help guide the tailor. 
If you are ready to make the plunge and get custom alterations done, we can help. Get started by booking an appointment with us, we are here to give you the perfect alteration experience. Our experts can help guide you through the alteration process and deliver you with the perfect leather jacket!