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Four reasons you should own a leather jacket

April 24, 2019

Denver leather jackets are a staple in a stylish wardrobe - but why? With an often high price tag, buying a leather jacket can be intimidating and might seem like a frivolous expense. However, leather jackets are definitely worth the investment, here is why:
Leather jackets have a sense of classic style to them, and they’ve been around for decades. They were initially invented in the midst of World War II to help keep pilots warm, and as time has gone on they have only gained popularity.

A great leather jack is versatile - it can truly go with anything and can be used in a number of different ways. Neutral colored leather jackets go with pretty much anything and can be used in casual or formal situations. They can be matched with athleisure wear, jeans, or even paired with a nicer outfit for a night out. Besides the versatility, leather jackets come in a number of different styles, lengths, and colors. 

Leather jackets are soft and comfortable, they are easy on the skin. In fact, leather jackets get even softer and more comfortable the longer that you have them - they need to be “broken in.” As you wear a leather jacket, it begins to mold to the body and the leather begins to get a distressed look. So not only does the leather jacket get more comfortable - its appearance gets better with time.

The great think about leather jackets are that they are very durable. The strong texture of leather helps to keep them from ripping, tearing, and even unraveling. As the fabric gets softer over the years, the durability doesn’t change. Making a leather jacket the perfect investment! Not only that, but leather jackets are moisture and dust resistant making upkeep minimal.  

Since most leather jackets are made of tanned/processed animal hyde, motorcyclists wear leather jackets for protection. In fact, some leather jackets are thicker and even have additional armor inside for added protection. The protection a leather jacket offers is one of the many reasons people wear leather jackets as an outer layer.

There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing your first leather jacket, but first you need to consider your budget. When it comes to leather jackets, higher priced jackets are made with a higher quality of leather which makes for a better investment. Regardless of how much you are wanting to spend, you should consider functionality, color, and fit. It’s extremely important to try on your leather jackets prior to purchasing and if you are unable to find a great fit then consider looking into custom jackets or alterations. 

When you are ready to make your first leather jacket purchase, come visit us at Jonval. We are here to help you find the perfect fit and the perfect leather jacket for you. Jonval is a one-stop shop for leather, fur, and shearling. Our experts are here to inform you on maintenance, cleaning, storing, and repair. Contact us today!