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Your guide to purchasing the perfect Denver leather jacket

April 10, 2019

You might be ready to take the plunge and purchase your first leather jacket, or maybe you are looking to grow your leather jacket collection. Either way, there is a lot to consider when looking for your perfect Denver leather jacket, and it can seem overwhelming. Luckily, our experts at Jonval can help you get started in the right direction. Take a look at some of the things you need to consider when purchasing a leather jacket.  

The Color
The first thing you should really consider when purchasing a leather jacket is color. Purchasing a leather jacket is an investment, you want to be sure to pick a color that you will wear often and for awhile. If this is your first jacket, we recommend sticking with a neutral color such as brown or black. Both colors are easy to coordinate with and create a classic look with ease. While you can purchase a bold, colorful leather jackets, that’s better suited for your second or third leather jacket purchase. Bold color leather jackets make for a great pop of color and statement pieces - save that investment when you’ve fallen in love with your first leather jacket.

Color is more than just the color of the leather jacket - it’s also the stitching on the jacket. When picking out the color you like the best, pay attention to how bold or subtle the stitching is. Many neutral colored leather jackets also have different distressed patterns and marketings, don’t shy away from these. Distressed markings and patterns gives the jacket more character and can really leave an impression. 

The Style
Leather jackets come in many different styles, including bomber jackets, racer jackets, shirt jackets, and blazers. Before shopping for your first leather jacket, research some styles, and decide on what that you would love. If this is your first leather jacket purchase, we recommend a racer jacket - they tend to be minimal.

Pick a style that you can see yourself wearing often and at different times throughout the year. A lightweight leather jacket can be worn most seasons, while a heavier jacket might be a little better suited for the winter. 

The Fit
It’s important to try your leather jacket on prior to purchasing. The leather jacket should fit snug, hug your armpits closely and should button/zip completely. Remember, the more you wear your leather the more it will begin to “break in” and hug your body. This will allow for some wiggle room, so don’t buy a jacket that is too large. 

The Budget
With leather jackets, you get what you pay for. Higher priced jackets will be made with a high quality of leather, and they will last longer. While the higher price tag might be intimidating, you a leather jacket is worth the investment. 

This guide should have given you the perfect start to purchasing your own Denver leather jacket. Come by Jonval to get help from an expert, ready to assist you in your purchasing journey. Schedule an appointment today, or feel free to stop by at 6880 E. Evans Ave.