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How to Stay Warm This Winter with Fur Coats in Denver

February 20, 2019

Denver winters can get relatively cold, but the uprising trend in stylish fur coats can help keep you warm and comfortable during the bitter winter season. But what can you do if you don’t already own fur coats in Denver? Here are a few tips to help you stay warm while looking for fur coats before the weather gets any colder. 

Find Yourself a New Fur Coat
If you don’t already own a fur coat, you should consider buying yourself one (or a few) this winter. Since fur coats in Denver can cost quite a bit of money, you should make sure you have the budget for the expense, as well as the money in your bank account to afford your purchase before the holidays. To begin shopping today, you should browse a few local fur shops in the Denver area and find coats that suit your style and preference. 

Layer Up in the Cold Weather
Although a fur coat can offer you plenty of warmth this winter, you should still layer up when it’s cold outside. You can do this by wearing an extra layer of wool socks, a hoodie over your thin sweater, or even an extra pair of jeans if you’re feeling extra chilly. Just don’t forget, there are still plenty of ways you can stay stylish when layering up this winter. 

Maintain Your Fur Coats Year-Round
If you don’t take care of your fur coats in Denver, they won’t last very long. You can easily maintain your fur coats year-round by hanging them up after wearing your outerwear and washing your coats properly on a regular schedule. Especially if you’ve spilled coffee or food on your fur coat, you should make sure to wash your outerwear thoroughly, a slight wipe of a paper towel isn’t good enough to prevent stains and blemishes in your fur. 

Don’t Forget Your Winter Accessories 
Aside from wearing fur coats in Denver this winter, you should plan on wearing warm accessories along with your outerwear. Warm accessories you should consider wearing are fur lined gloves, scarves, fur-lined hats, and more. Remember that these accessories can extend your style to the top of your head to the tip of your fingers. Instead, of having these warm layers muffle you, use them to add extra extensions to your style this winter, despite the freezing snow and wind. 

There are many ways you can stay warm this winter with fur coats in Denver, from finding yourself a new fur coat before they’re sold out this holiday season to adding accessories such as hats and scarves to extend your style and warmth. Hopefully, you can begin taking advantage of the tips above and stay extra-warm this winter with the help from layered clothing and fur coats. To find your own fur coat this winter, consider stopping by Jonval Leathers and Furs located at 6880 E. Evans Avenue in Denver, CO. Or, call them at 720-377-1555 to hear more about their inventory of fur coats today!