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Style Yourself with Custom Leather Apparel This Winter in Denver

February 13, 2019

Even as the weather turns colder, custom leather clothing is a great style choice to prefer this holiday season. Whether you want to display a laid-back leather jacket appearance or fashionable leather driving gloves, the choices are nearly endless. Here are just a few ways you can style yourself with custom leather this winter in Denver. 

Leather Jackets
What’s more identifiable than a leather jacket this winter? Although you may not think leather is very warm in the winter, most jackets are lined with wool or cotton that will keep you warm year-round. Although lined leather coats do make your purchase more expensive, looking great in the cold winter weather doesn’t come cheap. Plus, there are so many different styles of leather jackets that you can fashion yourself with, whether you’re out running errands or on your way to work. 

Leather Pants
You’d be surprised how in-style leather pants are, especially in the winter. From skinny leather leggings to slim leather pants, there’s a lot you can style your wardrobe with this upcoming holiday season. Not to mention, styling your outfit with leather pants is a great way to impress your friends, family, and coworkers. However, this article of clothing is something you’re going to want custom made to ensure it is the right fit, especially if you’re looking for pants that are slim to your form. 

Leather Gloves
If you do a lot of driving in the winter, leather driving gloves are an excellent styling option to try out. Fortunately, leather gloves aren’t very expensive, so they’re great for people on a budget and suit just about any outfit you may be wearing. That’s right; they’re not just for grandparents anymore, leather driving gloves are a fantastic style option for anyone looking to suit custom leather apparel this winter.

Leather Boots/Shoes
Most find leather shoes appealing to wear in the workplace, but you should also consider leather boots as well. Not only will they bring you warmth in the colder weather, but they look great styled with jeans and a thick overcoat. However, you should make sure they’re well-suited to your foot and leg size, or you may experience uncomfortable blisters while walking around the city in your new boots. No matter which you choose, leather boots or shoes, either will bring a necessary upgrade to your outfit. But don't stop at just one pair, leather shoes/boots come in a variety of colors and styles that you can add to your growing wardrobe.

There are so many different ways you can begin to style yourself with custom leather apparel this winter, from warm leather jackets to leather driving gloves and boots to match. Although it can feel a little intimidating building up your wardrobe of leather attire, the staff at Jonval Leather and Furs can help you choose a gorgeous selection of leather to wear this winter. Feel free to stop by 6880 E. Evans Ave in Denver today to browse their selection of leather outerwear and begin building your wardrobe in time for the new year.