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How to Add Fashion With Your Fur Coats in Denver This Winter

January 9, 2019

Although fur coats in Denver can add style to anyone’s wardrobe, they can sometimes look out of place among a bland, stale array of clothing. If this sounds familiar, you may be wondering how you can add fashion alongside your fur coats this winter. Below, are four great ways you can start adding more fashion to your fur get-up for the colder seasons of the year, from implementing a textured scarf and adding boots to match.

Add a Textured Scarf

A scarf is the perfect way to add style with your fur coat this winter subtly. Not only are scarves affordable (meaning you can buy a few at a time), but you can also purchase them in a variety of different colors and textures to develop a unique wardrobe. Plus, if anyone’s going to be honest, scarves can go with just about anything, especially your new fur coat.

Buy Fur Coats in Variety

If you’re worried about your new fur coat going with the array of outfits you have in your wardrobe, you should consider the possibility of buying more than one. Although fur coats can be on the expensive side, if you buy a few, you lessen your risk of having conflicting styles when dressing for work, school, or running errands. When buying a few different fur coats, make sure to take in the inventory of the colors you have now, and see what unique styles you can add to your growing wardrobe. Forget the ordinary black and brown, go with something out of your comfort zone this winter and make everyone in the office jealous of your outfit.

Buy Boots to Match

There’s nothing worse than having conflicting styles of your fur coat and boots this winter. However, this is a quick fix that won’t cost you a lot of money. If your boots are conflicting with your new fur coat too much, consider buying new boots that will match the style better. Although this can seem like a real hassle, a little extra money spent on matching the style of your outerwear will make you feel more comfortable and show your friends that your fashion sense is limitless. 

Dress in Layers

Winter weather can get pretty chilly, which is why it’s worth dressing in layers. But, that’s not the only reason. Layering up can also add a unique fashion look to your outfit in the winter. Just make sure you layer in clothes that will match the rest of your outfit if removed. After all, you never know how warm or cold your office is going to be. 

There are so many ways you can supplement style with your fur coats in Denver this winter. Although it may sound like a challenge for amateurs entering the thriving world of fashion, it's much easier than you think! When you're ready, make sure to pay a visit to JONVAL this winter to find yourself a stylish winter coat that will impress everyone you know. Located on E. Evans Ave in Denver, we're here to help you with any styling needs you may have.