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Leather Store in Denver Helps You Find Your Perfect Style Jacket

November 7, 2018

Are you wondering how to find the leather jacket that best fits your personality? Leather is available in several different styles, allowing you to find the one that truly fits you. It’s important to feel comfortable because when you feel comfortable, you are more confident. Whether you’re looking for something to make you the fashion go-to at your next party, or something casual to wear to the office, use these tips from your local leather store in Denver to find your perfect jacket.

Edgy and Fun 

Leather is the perfect material to help you add a little bit of edginess to your wardrobe. To start, look at leather moto jackets, or motorcycle jackets. Many moto jackets have numerous zippers and buttons, adding personality to the jacket. Some even have different cuff colors and fur around the color. Moto jackets tend to be waist length, allowing you to show off a great belt. Finish the outfit with a pair of ankle-high leather boots. Bomber jackets are also a great addition to a closet. Some are simple while others have décor and patterns throughout. Pop the collar at the top to really make the look unique. Looking to make it your own? Try one of these six ways to update your classic black leather jacket. 

Simple and Professional

For everyday wear, invest in a simple black or dark brown leather jacket. You can find them at waist-length or longer.  Avoid buying one that is filled with buttons and zippers to keep clean and simple. This will make it easier to pair with anything, whether you are looking to wear with jeans and a t-shirt, or business casual clothing to work. Some leather jackets are available in other colors. To stay simple and clean, pair light colors with light jackets. You can pair light colors with dark jackets, too. 


There is definitely room for a leather jacket when going upscale. In fact, one of the leading trends in fashion at the moment is adding a leather jacket to a fancy outfit. For women, one of the latest trends is to drape the jacket over the shoulders. Don’t put your arms through the sleeves, just lay it over. Hold a purse or clutch in your hands or with your elbows instead of putting over your shoulder. For men, simple and sleek leather or motorcycle jackets are great with a dark pair of jeans, black pants or even khakis. Longer leather jackets that extend past the waist are also great when trying to go upscale with leather. 

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