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Top Reasons to Choose Genuine Fur Coats in Denver Over Faux

October 3, 2018

Are you trying to decide whether to buy real fur or faux fur? An investment in a real fur coat is one that will pay off for decades to come. Not only will you stay warm, but you will also be making an eco-friendly purchase. Use these top reasons to choose genuine fur coats in Denver over faux as you make room in your coat closet this fall. 

Real Fur Lasts Longer

An investment into a real fur coat is just that: an investment. A faux fur coat could last a few seasons. A real one? Decades. With proper care, you could receive 40 to 50 years. A fur coat is timeless, meaning it will still be stylish no matter what the latest trends are. And when it comes to properly caring for fur, it is not too much work to be successful. For starters, you only need to clean your furs once to twice per year. Cleaning is not done in a traditional washer and dryer, but through a local fur expert. During the winter months, furs should be stored in a cool room with great ventilation. Do not put them in direct sunlight. Small amounts of water are not a problem—if you walk in the rain or snow, make sure to take a towel to dry your furs. Learn more about how to extend the life of fur coats to get the most of your investment. 

Warmth without Overheating

If you are looking for a coat that will keep you warm, but not hot—fur is the way to go. Fur has premium insulation, keeping you much warmer than any synthetic options out there. After all, it is natural, keeping animals warm all throughout the cold, harsh winter months. Mink is one of the warmest of them all, but you cannot go wrong with many of the options out there. Fur has multiple layers, so one will help keep the outside elements out and internal ones to keep you warm. It is perfect for those long days skiing or spending time in Denver’s beautiful outdoors. But once you go indoors, the material will not cause you to overheat as you may in a faux fur or non-fur coat. 


Are you wondering, “Why is sustainability important for the fashion industry?” There is a multitude of reasons. If you are looking for a sustainable coat option this winter, true fur is an optimal option. It is biodegradable, unlike many of the faux options on the market. This helps to reduce overall waste across the globe, which can be harmful to the environment. 

From purchasing new furs for the winter, or caring for your existing ones, Jonval Leathers and Furs is your go-to in the Denver metro area. We sell a variety of gorgeous furs and have a staff with the expertise to clean and keep them in top shape. Conveniently located at 6880 E. Evans Ave., stop by to see us and browse our selection of furs or see what we can do for your existing ones.