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Ways You Are Ruining Your Leather, Jonval Leather Repair Can Fix

September 26, 2018

You might be ruining your leather jacket in some of the simplest of ways. When cared for properly, your leathers can last for decades. It is important to take your investment seriously, as leather is a timeless fabric that stays popular generation after generation. Lucky for you, if you act quick enough, you can reverse any damage you have done. You can also work with your local Denver leather repair to fix some of the problems. If you are committing any of these leather don’ts, stop immediately and contact your local repair shop for help. 

Exposure to Water

Water is destructive to leather. While a small amount from a spill may not be detrimental, it is important to clean up any spills as quickly as possible. When water sets in, it can leave a noticeable stain on the jacket. It can also become an environment that encourages the growth of mildew, especially when improperly stored. In addition, water that sits on leather can lead to unpleasant smells, too. Avoid ruining your leather by wiping up any spills or water that gets on them as soon as possible. 

Storing in Sunlight

It is important to understand how sunlight affects leather. For starters, sunlight increases the chances a leather jacket can dry out and change in color. Once the drying begins to happen, the leather will begin to crack. Over time if you continue to store in direct sunlight, all of these effects will get worse as the sun’s rays take in the moisture and nutrients that keep your leather looking fresh and luxurious. Avoid getting to a point of no return and make sure to store your leather jacket in a cool, dark closet that has good airflow. Make sure the closet is dry as too much humidity can create detrimental moisture. 

Washing in a Washer and Dryer

It is extremely crucial that you never wash your leather jacket in a washer and dryer. Some blogs and information on the internet say you can, but you should never do it. As you’ve already learned, moisture and heat damage leather. Immersing leather into water then putting it in a hot dryer can destroy it. For small touch-ups, you can use a small amount of water and rag to wipe off stains. Cornstarch is great for oils. For a much-needed clean, it is advised to have your leather jacket cleaned by a professional once or twice per year. 

Over Cleaning and Conditioning 

Leather does not need to be cleaned as frequently as your other clothing. This is also to be said for conditioners. You may think conditioning your leather weekly will help keep its lustrous look—but it can just speed up the process of ruining it. A leather jacket only needs a full cleaning once or twice per year, unless something drastic has happened. 

For all of your leather questions and cleaning needs, get to know your local expert for leather alterations, repairs, and cleaning: Jonval. We specialize in all things leather and will help you keep your investments looking great for years to come.