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What You Should Do For Your Fur Coats During Summer in Denver

August 22, 2018

While you are enjoying Denver’s wonderful summer weather, you might not be thinking about one of the staples in your closet: your fur coat. There are a few things you can do this summer and in the early fall to ensure your furs are properly cared for and in great shape for winter. This is especially important if you are wondering what to do with your vintage fur coats! Don’t let your fur coats in Denver sit improperly! Make sure you have them stored correctly, know when to have them cleaned and glazed, and the best time to take your investment out of storage.

Proper Storage

Are you ruining your furs by not properly storing them during the off-season? Even though we’re in the peak of summer, it’s never too late to correct an issue. If you have your fur coat tossed in a bag or humid closet, use these tips on proper storage:
  • Keep fur in a dry environment: Leave out of humid rooms and closets
  • Avoid direct sunlight: Make sure furs are in a dark closet away from harsh UV rays
  • Use proper hangers: Ideally you need a large hanger with broad shoulders and a non-abrasive surface
  • Protect: You can take an additional measure by covering in plastic
  • Put in the hands of a pro: Even if you have the space, you can always visit your local furrier to take advantage of storage options

Cleaning and Glazing

Over time, it is natural for your coat to age. Cleaning and glazing your furs will help keep them vibrant and luxurious season after season. It will remove any dirt and debris, then restore natural oils that keep them looking full. On average, you need to clean your fur coat twice per year. Make a reminder to take your coat to your local furrier for a proper cleaning in the middle of the summer then again mid-season to keep it looking its best. Next, ask about glazing services. A glaze is applied to the fur that will provide an extra conditioning treatment to keep its lustrous look and feel.

When to Pull Out of Storage

Ultimately, it is up to you when you would like to start wearing your furs again. When it comes to Denver temperatures, averages by month vary. And even though temperatures are pleasant during the day until November and December, lows in the 30s start in October. Depending on your comfort level, you may want to look at pulling your furs out of storage around late September or early October.

Whether you need help storing, cleaning, or glazing your furs, Jonval has you covered. As your local fur expert, we have all the resources you need to secure your investment. Count on us to make sure your furs stay beautiful for decades to come! And with fall just around the corner, be sure to stop by and see our selection of leather jackets, too! We are conveniently located at 6880 E. Evans Ave. We look forward to seeing you soon!