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Keeping Your Denver Leather Jacket Safe During Summer Outdoor Events

August 1, 2018

Your Denver leather jacket is perfect for all your warm-weather outdoor events! Leather jackets are incredibly breathable, so you will be kept warm on cooler evenings but will not overheat when going indoors or changing temperatures. When cared for right, leather can last for decades. As you plan your summer events, use these tips to keep your leather healthy.

Handling Spills and Rain

When it comes to water and your leather jacket, you never want to let it sit too long. Water is detrimental to leather, so the longer it sits, it can ruin its natural quality. Long term, it will actually dry your leather jacket out, causing it to wear at a drastically faster rate. This includes being left in humid environments. If you find yourself at an outdoor event or are enjoying a nice hike and experience a downpour, get indoors as soon as possible. If your jacket is just slightly damp, take a towel and pat it down. If it is soaking wet, do not put it in the dryer. That will ruin the leather. Hang it to dry and contact your local leather repair as they have methods to fix the jacket for you. For drink spills, immediately grab a towel and dab up the spill. From there, put a very small amount of warm water on the towel and gently wipe off to remove the stain.

Avoiding Sun Damage

Plan on spending all day in the sun? Even if the temperatures are cooler outside, you will need to be cautious about wearing your leather in direct sunlight for too long. When leather is exposed to the sun’s rays for extended periods of time, it can cause it to age and dry more quickly than normal. Why? The sun will soak in the UV coming down, causing it to run the oils it needs to stay healthy. Even if you condition and clean your leather quickly, it can be ruined. To be safe, save your leather jacket for the evening and put on something that can handle the sun. Plus, it will be a great way to switch from daywear to something chic for late afternoon and evening fun. Explore more about how sunlight affects leather to keep your belongings safe!

Cleaning Tips

Leather jackets are incredibly easy to clean and do not require much maintenance. You only need to wipe down your leather if there has been a spill. Purchase cleaning supplies specific to leather to ensure it keeps its quality. Work with your local leather store on a bi-annual schedule to have your jacket cleaned and conditioned. This will take the pressure off you to ensure your jacket is handled properly. From there, conditioning it will help restore any of the natural oils that have been lost. For anything on your own, always look at the care label. It is easy to forget and could determine the fate of your jacket!

When it comes to all of your leather-fur alterations, repairs and cleaning in Denver, CO, Jonval has you covered. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to help your jacket last all year long, for years to come. If you have any questions or need help with your jacket after any of your summer functions, give us a call at 720-377-1555 to see how we can help.