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Dangers of Trying Denver Leather Repair on Your Own

July 4, 2018

Even though a leather jacket can last for decades, it does not mean it will last for decades. In order for any leather to stand the test of time, it needs to be properly cared for. You may be thinking this is ensuring it isn’t in humid environments, being kept out of direct sunlight, and many other things—but there is much more. Many leather owners try to handle their Denver leather repair on their own, often times leading to problems and issues. While some things you can handle on your own, it is important to know what you should leave to the experts.

Too Much Water Exposure

When you spill something onto your leather jacket, your first instinct may be to douse it in water. Submerging leather into water is detrimental. While for many other materials, water is a lubricant, for leather, it can try it out. Too much exposure to water will leave spots, as well as drying or cracking. That being said, never wash your leather jacket in the traditional washer. This will speed up the drying out process, ruining the entire jacket. Each type of leather is different, and some may have different outcomes. Avoid reading articles online that encourage tossing your jacket in the washer. Instead, invest your time in taking it to a cleaner to handle the job the right way. You can consider how to waterproof a leather jacket, and run it by your local shop to see if those products are safe for use.

Over Conditioning

One of the great things about leather is how little maintenance it actually requires. This includes conditioning. Conditioner is great to keep your leather looking vibrant and lustrous. It will keep your jacket from cracking and even help it to become more resistant to water. Ideally, you only need to condition your leather jacket one to two times per year. If you condition a leather jacket more than that, it can make the outer texture sticky and clog areas where air passes through.

Using Incorrect Products

Leather does not require fancy products to clean it or wipe away spills. Often times, when damage is done, leather owners use improper liquids to try to fix them. Many pick up detergents and other detergents that can be used on other types of clothing. If it does not say it is specifically for leather clothing, avoid it. By attempting to clean a leather item with a detergent, it can strip it of it’s necessary, natural oils. You will find not too soon after the cracking the will ensue.
In addition, you may find yourself needing to repair a small tear, zipper, or other faux pas with your leather jacket. When it comes to these and general cleaning needs, Jonval is your go-to place in Denver. As your place for leather-fur alterations, repairs and cleaning in Denver, Co, you can rely on us to keep your jacket looking great for decades. No matter what your needs are, we can help and ensure you are happy with your leathers. Call us today at 720-377-1555 today to see what we can do for you.