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Proper Care of Your Clothes During a Move - Your Denver Leather Experts

May 30, 2018

When preparing for a move, some of your top priorities include moving large furniture, packing up essentials, and getting things from point A to point B. Sometimes the smaller things, such as clothes, aren’t always your first thought. However, given that your clothes are something you need on a daily basis, don’t neglect them during a move. From packing tips and caring for shoes to caring for your leathers, use these tips from your local leather store in Denver.

Packing Tips

When it comes to packing your clothes for a move, you have a variety of options:
  • Keep dressers as-is: Who says you have to box up all of your clothing? If you can secure your dressers, you can keep your clothes safe within them—saving you valuable time as you begin the unpacking process. Just be sure they are secured shut.
  • Closet stays on hangers: Similar to the dressers, you can keep all of your clothes on hangers in place. Protect them by wrapping them in a blanket or through a garbage bag. This allows them to lay flat on any surface.
  • Rolled up: You can save a significant amount of space when it comes to packing if you roll your clothing instead of folding it.
  • Space bags: A top space saver is space bags. These are plastic bags you can buy in a variety of sizes. You simply fill them with the specified amount of clothes, then vacuum out all air. These are great to repurpose when transitioning clothes during each season.


It can be easy to scuff up shoes during the moving process. Be sure you are keeping them secure, possibly even wrapping each shoe individually so it will not scratch. Have shoe boxes hanging around? Use them! If you don’t have enough boxes at all, prioritize by your most valued pair first.

Before packing your shoes, it is a great time to clean them to be like new. As you pack, keep thicker and shoes with more weight towards the bottom—this will keep from damaging smaller pairs. As you wonder more about how to pack shoes for moving, there is much you can do.


One of the most positive aspects of leather is how it truly lasts’ the test of time—but that doesn’t mean you can treat it however you would like. When moving, make sure your leathers are placed on cushioned hangers. If it will be raining the day of your move, be sure your leather is covered as water can be detrimental to it. It is important to know the tips for Denver leather repair and other clothing care ideas.

Whether you are looking for advice to safety and successfully move your wardrobe or need to give some attention to your leathers and furs, contact the team at Jonval. We can help ensure your clothes make it safety, handle any repairs, and help you find new pieces to add to your new home! Contact us today at 720-377-555.