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Common Fashion Blunders Explained by Your Leather Store in Denver

April 25, 2018

Your style is not just a first impression to the world but is a representation of who you are. Style helps tell the story of you and showcases your personality. However, in some cases, it is easy to make some fashion mistakes. That’s okay, we all have a blunder here or there! Review this list of top fashion blunders people make, from your local leather store in Denver.

Ill Fitted Clothing

When clothes do not fit properly, not only will you look disheveled, but will be uncomfortable too. Some examples of ill-fitted clothing include:
  • Pants that are too long
  • Shirts that are too big or too small
  • Suits or gowns that are not tailored to your body
  • Sleeves that are too long or short

The best thing you can do to help you with any of your larger clothing is to have a tailor fit the clothing to your body type. If it is too tight or unable to be repaired, it may be time to invest in some new pieces for your closet.

Poor Color Combinations

Mixing colors is a great way to be bold and show your personality. However, you need to be smart with your decision. Never create an outfit with over three different colors—especially bold colors. They all need to complement each other. The same rule applies to patterns. Wondering how to match clothes when you’re clueless about color matching? It is really not as difficult as you may think!

Choosing Pleather instead of Leather

Some people choose pleather, which is fake leather, over the real thing to cut costs. It actually has a variety of downsides to the real thing—including that it is clear it is not real leather. First, pleather does not have the same breathability as actual leather. It may keep you warmer or cooler because it does not let air in. Pleather is also not eco-friendly due to the materials it is made of. Last, it is much easier to damage over actual leather.

Wrong Accessories

When accessorizing, you can take a create outfit and take a turn for the first with an accessory faux pas. First, avoid mixing a variety of trends—especially if they are bold. Stick to one or two, without two large accessories trying to compete with each other. Speaking of which, avoid having too many accessories. Have a goal to have one large statement piece or a couple smaller accessories. A few other things to avoid include socks with open sandals, velour jumpsuits, lines showing through clothing, scrunched pants with boots, sweaters with pillage, and wrinkled clothing.

Make sure you are avoiding fashion mistakes and blunders by stopping Jonval Leathers and Furs. Our showroom has a variety of jackets and other fashionable items and accessories. We’ll make sure you look great, are fashionable, and avoid all fashion faux pas! We’ll teach you how to wear our Denver leather jacket with style—making you the talk of all of your friends. Stop in and see us at 6880 E. Evans Ave. in Denver.