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Denver Leather Store: What Your Leather Jacket Style Says About You

January 24, 2018

There are dozens of different types of leather jackets out there – and hundreds of ways to customize them as well. From the type of leather, amount of zippers, pockets, etc. you name it, leather can be fully customized to fit your style. If you’ve invested in a leather jacket before, you know these prized possessions are worth every penny. From being extremely durable, to looking ever so cool, leather jackets are 100% worth the investment. Now that you own a leather jacket though, what does your style say about you?

There are so many various styles of leather jackets out there. Your Denver leather experts are here to help decipher what style suits you and says about you!

Motocross or “Moto” Jacket

This tight-fitted jacket style has a collar the hugs your neck and doesn’t turn down. This is what you see motocross riders wearing out on their bikes. A moto jacket is created so it’s streamlined and can ride well. This means you won’t find extra buckles or pockets on this bad boy. While you might envision just motocross riders with this jacket, you can find them outside of the track, too. Simple and sleek, men and women both wear this unisex jacket as it gives off a bit of a dressy appeal. The tight fit of this jacket is great for people with an athletic of slim build.

Leather Fatigue Jacket

No, we’re not talking about being fatigued! The leather fatigue jacket is similar to cloth variations except in leather. These jackets are good for everyday wear because they’re practical, utilitarian, and good with any outfit. Besides not offering a ton of weather protection, fatigue jackets are a great standard leather jacket, especially if this is your first one.

Bomber Jackets

Most everyone knows what a bomber jacket is, as it’s been around since the early 1900s when fighter pilots needed something to keep them warm in the skies. Coveted by vintage fans, and the youthful crowd, bomber jackets are more popular than ever. Bomber jackets are more casual than a motocross jacket and have more of an everyday, utilitarian style. This tighter jacket has a thick fleece lining so it’s a more prominent choice in the fall and winter.

Duster Jackets

Duster jackets are not for everyone. These full-length coats go below your knees, so you’ll definitely be noticed in one. Historically, they have been created for horseback riding and outdoor activities. If you’re someone who spends the majority of their time working outdoors, this is the jacket for you. But, if you’re not a cowboy, you might want to pass on this jacket style.

At Jonval Leather in downtown Denver, we’re here to help you find the perfect leather jacket style for you. We make our leather jackets by hand, so you can fully customize it just to your liking and for your daily wear. Contact us today with any questions you might have about leather jacket styles!