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Fur Coats Denver: The Most Common Fur Repairs and Alterations

January 17, 2018

Fur coats go through a lot of wear and tear in the winter Denver months. So, it’s very important that you periodically examine your coat for any imperfections, rips, or tears. Even the smallest rip can cause major damage if you don’t get it fixed right away, for example a more expensive replacement or process.

Regular maintenance and checkups are important for making your coat last for years and years. At Jonval, our experts can fix the most common fur repairs and alterations. Additionally, spring is the best time to look for rips and tears as your coat will be getting ready for summer storage.


A very common problem in fur coats, tears can be a pain to fix and detrimental to your coat’s lifespan. While most tears occur in the lining inside of your coat, tears can also happen in the fur pelt itself. If you know that your coat has a lining tear, depending on the severity it can be an easy fix or you’ll need to get your entire lining replaced. If you’ve taken your coat to an expert and they tell you the pelt is torn, those tears can be repaired by the professionals.


Zippers, buttons, and other closures are not only required, but also essential, for maximizing the warmth you’ll receive from your fur coat. Closures are actually added to the actual pelt of fur, so they one of the most likely pieces of your coat that will become damaged. Possible problems can come from the seam that holds items into your coat becoming loose, the zipper may become damaged, or buttons may fall off. An expert furrier, such as Jonval, will be able to repair or replace these items with a quick turnaround so even if it’s the winter, you won’t be without your beautiful fur coat for long!

Bald Spots

No, we’re not talking about your head or hairline! Bald spots on fur coats can occur when shoulder straps from purses and bags, and other rubbing, results in the thinning of fur in some places, often referred to as bald spots. You might be thinking that your coat is ruined and there’s nothing you can do to fix it - but you’re wrong! Expert furriers are able to replace small patches of fur on a coat without anyone noticing it or being able to tell. Your coat will be full again just like it was before without anybody thinking your coat is pieced and patched together!

As you can see, damage can happen to your fur coat no matter how well you care for them. However, it’s still essential that you take in your fur coat for yearly cleanings and checkups to prevent any problems before they arise. Regardless of if you’re noticing a tear in your coat, your zipper is broken, or a bald spot, expert furriers such as Jonval will be able to repair your coat in no time! Contact Jonval Leathers and Furs for any questions you might have, and remember to bring your fur coat in for any repairs!