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Leather Store Denver: All About Shearling Coats and Jackets

January 3, 2018

Shearling apparel has been around since the beginning of the Stone Age, around 4000 BC. Cavemen used sheepskin to make simple outfits and garments. It’s no surprise that this material has been popular ever since! From the middle ages where shearling represented a social status, from early Americana where sheepskin bomber jackets were all the rage, shearling has never gone out of style. The most recent example of a shearling trend are Ugg Boots and their popularity across the world.

Shearling coats are created using processed wool, sheepskin, or fur. When comparing shearling to leather, the sheepskin is tanned with the wool as a whole, giving a soft, natural wool material that is incredibly comfortable. Shearling coats are known to be extremely durable, warm, and oddly enough, lightweight. Because of shearling having wool attached to the sheepskin, the wool adjusts to your body temperature exceptionally well even in the coldest climates.

Besides being warm and comfortable, shearling coats have a myriad of benefits compared to other types of jackets and coats. Keep reading to learn more about shearling coats and why they have stood the test of time!


We mentioned shearling coats being lightweight above, but we’ve got to mention it again. When you compare a normal coat to a shearling coat, you’ll notice that they’re easier to take on and off and provide more comfort, and warm, next to seemingly thicker coats.


If you’re looking for a jacket that is known to be extremely durable, look towards a shearling version. Although they can be more expensive than a normal jacket, they are know for how tough and durable they are. Expect your shearling jacket to last decades if you properly clean it and take good care of it. Avoid throwing your coat in a dryer or washing machine, and also keep it away from flames and a prolonged exposure to sunlight.


Because shearling jackets have sheep’s wool on the inside layer, the wool will insulate the airspace while the actual sheepskin will retain your body heat thus keeping your body cozy and warm, even in freezing temperatures. Remember how shearling jackets because famous during World War II and amongst pilots? That’s because those pilots trusted their shearling bomber jackets to keep them warm when they were flying at altitudes over 30,000 feet where the temperatures were negative 50 degree Celsius. The best part about a shearling coat is how long it will keep your body warm and will beat out any other coat on the market.

Water Resistant

Did you know? Shearling coats are naturally resistant to water. The inside layer of wool has fibers that do not allow water to reach the core, thus repelling any water. If the core does absorb moisture, only up to 30 percent, it will not get muggy. If you happen to be outside wearing your jacket when it rains or snows, don’t worry as shearling repels external water and doesn’t absorb moisture. If you do get caught in a rainstorm, just casually shake your jacket lightly after you wear it and it will be good as new!

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