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Leather Store Denver: Leather Jacket Alterations That Help With Sizing

November 22, 2017

Getting your leather jacket to fit like a glove is essential for styling, and well, practicality. While you should purchase or order your jacket in your size, sometimes life happens and you just need to update the sizing such as around the waist or the length of the arms. Investing in a leather jacket is not cheap, especially if you want it to last and look amazing on your body type. Regardless of the style of your leather jacket, whether it be bomber, motorcycle, blazer, etc., it’s important that it fits like it should.

First, Find An Expert

Leather is known to be a thick and durable piece of fabric which requires specially trained tailors to work on. Not all tailors can work on leather jackets, as they need certain techniques and tools. At Jonval, we offer several different services including alterations, zipper replacements, relining, fur repairs, and more. If you have a jacket with fur, we even have a Master furrier on the site to help you with your fur service needs. Additionally, we have customers all over the United States. No matter where you live, we can service your leathers, shearlings, and furs. Just contact us today for shipping details!

Alterations That Help With Sizing

One of the first things to do when you need help with a sizing alteration is to take in the waist. If you simply purchase a jacket right off the rack, the probability that it will fit like a glove is pretty nil. If you can only do one alteration, taking in the waist can truly transform your jacket into a streamlined look.

Second, you can adjust the shoulders. Have you ever put on a jacket and immediately noticed how boxy it made you look? That’s because of the width of the shoulders not matching up to your own body type. Adjusting the shoulders can be a more involved process, but it is ultimately worth it if you feel like you’re drowning in your own leather jacket.

Is your jacket making you feel like you have tiny arms? Shorten the sleeves! You need to use your hands, after all. Have your tailor shorten the sleeves but remember to add in some extra space for creasing of the elbows. Over time leather ages and starts to bunch up, so keep that in mind when determining length.

Depending on what style you’re going for determines how long your jacket should be. But, for sizing, if your jacket is fitting more like a dress, it’s time to shorten the length. Remember, shortening a jacket only affects where the hem is at. Other things like pockets, zippers, and details can’t be moved around. If you want more advice, you can read additional tips on how to buy a leather jacket.

Are you in need of having a leather jacket that properly fits? Bring your jacket (new or old) into Jonval Leather & Furs right here in Denver, Colorado so we can help. Even if you’re not local, you can still ship your jacket to us and let us do the work. Contact us today for any questions you may have, including price estimates!