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Custom Leather: How Long Does The Process Take?

November 15, 2017

If you’ve been in the market for a new leather jacket, you may have looked at dozens and dozens of jackets, but haven’t been successful in finding THE jacket for you. If you’re in this situation, it may be time to consider a custom leather jacket option. A custom jacket allows you to design the jacket for you, and takes into consideration your measurements so the fit and look will be perfect. Additionally, you can choose whatever style you’re wanting to go with, whether that’s a classic look, or a motorcycle jacket.

The custom leather jacket process does take longer than walking up into a store and purchasing a premade one, however, the end result will be absolutely stunning and look immaculate on your body. It’s worth the wait!

The Process Of A Custom Leather Jacket

At Jonval, we actually do make our own line of in house manufactured leather and shearling coats and jackets. We take the old school approach which ends up with a very cool and unique result.

To start your own jacket, we’ll need to get your measurements and your ideas on what you would like your custom jacket to look like. At Jonval’s, we have virtually hundreds of leather samples to choose from in every color imaginable. Literally, the only limitation is your imagination.

After we get your measurements and a jacket style, we’ll start assembling your dream custom jacket. First, the sides are stitched to the back, the sleeves are stitched together, and then placed to the armholes. We finish the jacket by attaching finishing pieces like collars, cuffs, buttonholes, zippers, and buttons. Pockets are attached either now, or later, depending on the overall design of the jacket. If you request a lining, that will be sewn into each jacket piece before it gets sewn on.

After the pieces are all attached, your jacket will be molded and pressed to give your jacket it’s shape, whether you want a blazer-styled jacket, or bomber jacket. Steam and pressure are used in special presses to create your jacket’s style. If your jacket will have a collar or cuffs, curved blocks will be placed under them and then have heat applied to give them their shape. The blocks will be removed afterwards.

Once your jacket is sewn, shaped, and pressed, we’ll inspect every inch before it leaves the design floor and ensure it’s exactly what you ordered!

This entire process from ordering and designing your jacket to finally picking it up can range in timeline, but usually takes two to three weeks. Remember, can be a pricey investment so if you want to look your best, order a custom jacket! Curious about the entire leather jacket process? Read more here.

At Jonval, we make all of our custom leather jackets by hand right here in our Denver shop. We have so many options that the possibilities are endless. There are so many different types of leather for your custom leather garments. Contact us today for your custom jacket!