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Leather Store Denver: Outfits That Look Great With A Black Leather Jacket

We all know that a black leather jacket, will never, ever go out of style, and black leather jackets provide a multtiude of outfit options so you can wear it with whatever style you’re going with! A staple that should be in every person’s closet, a black leather jacket can transform you style from soft and feminine to hard and edgy. Keep reading to see how to wear a leather jacket and be a fashionista from your premier Denver leather store!

1. Pair It With A Skirt

Who says a leather jacket can’t work with a feminine outfit? Pair your black leather jacket with a skirt that stands out from your classic jacket. You can go with a printed skirt, or get one that really packs a punch of color. This combination will add a touch of edgyness to your style!

2. Wear It to Work!

You can really have a “let’s make it work” moment by pairing your business casual apparel and pairing it with you black leather jacket. Make sure that this look will be appropriate for your office environment, but even pairing a lightweight and slim cut jacket can be a nice replacement for a traditional blazer. You can also pair your jacket with trousers, pumps, button-down shirts, and even pencil skirts!

3. Dress Down Your Dress Up

A black leather jacket with formal attire? Yes! If you need a wrap or a sweater to cover up for a formal engagement, or if the weather gets a bit chilly, throw on your black leather jacket! The jacket provides a contrast in shape, texture, and color to a formal gown so it’s unexpected but is also simply stylish.

4. Athleisure At It’s Finest

Athleisure popularity is at an all time high because of the cozy comfort it offers, as well as being moveable for exercising. You’ll find people doing errands in athleisure in the store or out to brunch. If you’re one of these people, and if you need to throw on an extra layer because of the temperature, throw on a black leather jacket! Your jacket will add a touch of class and style to your already low-key look.

5. Throw Some Fur On It

Whether you go for real fur or not, adding fur to your classic black leather jacket definitely ups the level of style. A fur-lined collar on a classic jacket adds texture to your sleek jacket and gives it some serious cozy appeal. If you don’t want fur on your actual jacket, you can always layer with a fun fur vest! Try layering the fur vest over your jacket for a fun, expected twist.

While we only list five, there are so many ways to wear your classic black leather jacket. If you’re on the lookout for a new one, be sure to browse our product selection. If you have questions on black leather jackets or need some help finding one, talk to the experts! Jonval is known as the go-to store in Denver for leather, fur, and shearling. Contact us today to learn more about our services!