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How to Remove Wrinkles From A Denver Leather Jacket

October 18, 2017

Wrinkles will start to form on a leather jacket if it is folded up for a long period of time, which is why it’s best to leave it hanging. But, what happens if you’ve already made this mistake? Don’t worry—you won’t have to wear a wrinkled leather jacket for the rest of your life. Here are tips for removing wrinkles from a Denver leather jacket:

Steam it.

Steam removes wrinkles, but using a clothes steamer could damage the leather. Fortunately, there is a way to steam the wrinkles out of a leather jacket without turning on a clothes steamer. Hang the leather jacket somewhere in your bathroom where it will not get wet and turn on the shower. Close the bathroom door and let the hot water run so steam begins to fill up the room. The steam from the shower should gently relax the wrinkles in your leather jacket without harming the jacket. If there are still a few wrinkles remaining in the jacket, gently smooth them out with your hands as the room cools down after turning off the shower. Learn how to get wrinkles out of leather.

Iron it.

Ironing a leather jacket is typically not recommended, however it can be done to remove wrinkles as long as you are extremely careful. The key is making sure that the iron never comes into direct contact with the leather. Lay the wrinkled section of the leather jacket flat on an ironing board and place a clean cotton towel or cloth over it. Turn the iron on to the lowest setting possible so the leather is not exposed to too much heat. It’s also recommended that you empty out all of the water in the iron before beginning so there are no spills. Then, apply light pressure and run the iron across the cotton cloth quickly. Do not move the iron slowly across the surface or press it down firmly against the cotton cloth. Low heat and a light touch should be enough to remove the wrinkles.

Use heavy objects.

Lay the leather jacket on a flat, hard surface and flatten any bumps in the material. Then, place a heavy object over the area that has a wrinkle. It’s best to use a heavy book such as a dictionary or textbook, but any heavy object will work. Leave the books laying on top of the jacket overnight and check it in the morning to see if the wrinkle has vanished. This should be enough to completely remove a small wrinkle, but if it’s a deep crease, this method may need to be used along with another method mentioned above. Be sure to put the jacket on after you take the books off of it so it regains its original shape.  

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