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How to Choose A Denver Leather Jacket For Your Body Type

August 23, 2017

There are many different styles of leather jackets, and some may look better on your body than others. No one wants to wear an unflattering jacket, which is why paying attention to the cut is so important when choosing the right style for you. Here’s how to pick a Denver leather jacket for your body type:

Hourglass Bodies

Women who have hourglass bodies should focus on finding a leather jacket shows off their tiny waists and enviable curves. A belted leather jacket is ideal because it allows you to cinch in your waist to show off your shape. The key is to find a jacket that is form fitting and not boxy so you can highlight your curves. Avoid any jackets that have a lot of embellishments or detailing on the bust, which can make you look bigger than you really are. Learn how to dress if you’ve got an hourglass figure.

Straight or Rectangular Shaped Bodies

Women who have balanced hips and busts and do not have a very defined waist have what is known as a straight or rectangular shaped body. If you have this type of body, it’s possible to give the illusion of curves by choosing the right leather jacket. Look for a leather jacket that has a slight flare or peplum at the bottom. This shape will give you curves and make your waist look smaller, too.

Pear Shaped Bodies

Women with pear shaped bodies have hips that are larger than their bust and a defined waist. The secret to choosing the right jacket for a pear shaped body is finding one that will balance out your shape. Avoid any leather jacket that flares out or has pockets at the bottom. These details will only make you look more bottom heavy, which is not ideal when you have a pear shaped body. Instead, look for jackets that are fitted at the waist with detailing around the bust. This will draw attention to your top half and make your whole body look more balanced as a result.

Apple Shaped Bodies

The apple shape is the exact opposite of the pear shaped body. Women with an apple shaped body are larger on top and smaller on the bottom, so again the key is finding a jacket that creates balance. Women with apple shaped bodies should look for leather jackets that hit right at the hip or the upper thigh. Cropped jackets will add bulk to the top of your body and make you appear more top heavy than you are. Since women with this type of body carry their weight in their midsection, it’s best to choose a tailored jacket that does not cinch at the waist.

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