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Your Packing List for a Mountain Weekend Getaway, Including a Denver Leather Jacket

July 5, 2017

Are you planning an upcoming getaway in the Rocky Mountains? One of the perks of being a resident of Denver is the opportunity to see the beauty of the mountains and get there quickly. Whether you are staying in a cabin or will be hiking and camping out, packing the right essentials is key. Learn about different clothes and shoes you should pack, including your favorite leather jacket, food and essentials, and tips for packing and managing your belongings on your trip.

Clothes and Shoes

Prior to packing for your trip, you need to see what type of weather you will endure during your stay. The positive aspect of a weekend trip around Denver is the amount of sunny days we are known to have. Take in consideration what activities you will be taking part in during the evening and nights as temperatures can drop to the 40s in the late spring and summer. Once you review your itinerary and have your plans, you can begin packing your clothes and shoes. The key to packing for a trip where you will be carrying your belongings is to pack just the items you need. Pack the appropriate number of shirts, pants, and a leather jacket to keep you warm. Accidents could happen, so it is okay to pack one or two backup outfits but stick to your goal to essentials so you are carrying less with you.  


When spending time in the mountains, you will need to prepare your own food. If you will be backpacking and camping, this will limit the amount of space even more as you will need to carry your foods. Also, if you will be backpacking, make sure to take into consideration that you will need to eat more food to fuel your body for your adventure. It is best to stay prepared. You can review DIY backpacking meals from Wonderland Guides for a list of tips and tricks for packing.

Tips for Packing and Managing Belongings

In addition to food, there are other essentials you will need. Before your trip, it is important to map out the trails you will explore on and bring a map to keep with you. While many use cell phones to navigate, it is crucial to keep a map on-hand in the event you do not have cellular service. In addition, make sure you bring flashlights and jump batteries to help keep your electronic devices charged. In addition, bring a compass to be able to navigate your map, batteries, sunscreen, first aid essentials, matches, and any other guides you need to navigate.
The great thing about a leather jacket for a trip in the mountain is that it can be worn comfortable for the cool evenings. It is breathable to help you transition in the temperatures at night. To find the perfect leather jacket for your trip to the mountains, visit Jonval. New to leather clothing? The ins and outs of leather and visiting a leather store in Denver will help you with your first purchase. Visit us at 6880 E. Evans Drive in Denver to find your perfect jacket.