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Outside the Denver Leather Jacket: Other Uses For Leather

June 28, 2017

Leather is a popular and luxurious material that is often used to create beautiful pieces of clothing. But, leather is used for so much more than just making a chic Denver leather jacket. Here are some of the other uses for leather that you may not know about:


Leather can be used as drapery to create a bold and daring window treatment. Various types of leather can be used on the windows, but one of the most popular styles is laser-cut leather, which is much more lightweight than other leathers. As a result, laser-cut leather will have more movement when hanging from your windows. Plus, the patterns that are cut into the leather leave tiny holes throughout the material that will allow the natural light to shine through.

Flooring Material

Imagine using leather for the flooring in your home instead of tile, carpet, or wood. It may sound strange, but many homeowners have leather flooring. Homeowners love how soft leather feels underneath their feet and how warm it keeps their floors during the cold winter months. Of course, leather will show signs of wear and tear over time, but homeowners often find that this adds to the charm and uniqueness of this flooring material.

Statement Walls

If you want to incorporate leather into your home but aren’t crazy about using it as a flooring material, you also have the option of creating a leather statement wall. These walls can be added anywhere within the home, from a family room or bedroom to a wall in the bathroom. Dark leather walls fit perfectly in rooms that are designed to look warm and cozy, such as a home office or den. On the other hand, white leather walls can create a spa-like atmosphere within your master bathroom. When it comes to using leather on the walls, the options are endless. See the leather walls ideas that put wallpaper to shame.


Of course, leather is often used as the fabric on couches and chairs, but did you know it can also be used on lamps, desks, and coffee tables? Furniture designers are finding new and exciting ways to incorporate leather into their pieces. If you want to add an edgy leather piece to your room, look for a side or coffee table that has been wrapped in this versatile material.


Instead of choosing traditional metal hardware for your cabinet pulls and drawer handles, find hardware that has been wrapped in leather. Adding leather hardware to the room will instantly make it feel more luxurious and elegant. Leather is much softer than other hardware choices and won’t get as cold as metal, so your hands will be more comfortable when you have to grab something out of a cabinet or drawer.  
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