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Importance of Wearing a Motorcycle Jacket from Your Leather Store in Denver

May 17, 2017

Wearing a motorcycle jacket when riding is important for one’s safety. Even if you are an experienced driver, or are just going for a quick ride down the street, you can’t control the outside elements. Anything can happen. From the importance of protective wear and the benefits of leather to tips for purchasing, consider these tips from your local leather store in Denver for having the proper gear to ride.

Importance of Protective Wear

The number of motorists in Colorado killed in an accident is on the rise. With numbers at all-time highs, it is important for all motorists to be cautious while on the road. This is especially important for motorcyclists. By wearing a helmet and protective jacket, you will help to reduce the amount of injury if you are thrown off a bike and onto pavement or on another vehicle. Imagine that you are riding 50 miles per hour then are thrown off a bike, without the protective gear, you will hit the pavement at the same speed. Injuries range from burns and broken bones to even death. Anything you can do to protect yourself is key to your safety in an accident. Plus, even if you aren’t in an accident, protective gear also helps you from the elements. For instance, a helmet and jacket will help keep bugs from getting on your face and clothing. Or, if there is inclement weather, you have an extra shield. Learn more on accident stats from The Denver Post’s article on Colorado road fatalities.

Benefits of Leather

Leather is a great material to own as a motorcyclist. It is breathable, so even in the summer you won’t be overly hot as the fabric ventilates well. Also, many leather jackets include several interior pockets, helping you easily store items while you ride. And while they are super protective, they also have a light feel so you won’t feel weighed down when you ride. If the unfortunate circumstance happens and you become involved in an accident, leather jackets do a great job at protecting individuals once they hit any payment.

Tips for Purchasing

When investing in a leather jacket for motorcycle riding, it is important to find one that you love and matches your style, but ensure that this doesn’t diminish quality. You want to make sure that if you are in an accident, you are still fully protected. Next, consider its durability and the types of roads you would ride on often. In the event you are thrown off the bike, evaluate how the bike would stand up on pavements, rocks, dirt, etc. If you If you ride a motorcycle frequently during the winter too, you can find a special jacket just for that season. There are even models available with heating options to keep you warm.

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