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Spring Fashion Must-Have Accessories and Leather in Denver

May 10, 2017

Accessorizing is an important element of any wardrobe. They can completely transform an outfit, whether you are looking for a quick pop or need something else to complete a look. From handbags and jewelry to sunglasses, learn more about what accessories to incorporate with items in your closet. Then, you can learn how to use these accessories along with a Denver leather jacket.

Purses, Handbags and More

If you are looking to up your handbag game this spring, think bright! When it comes to spring bags, whether it is a purse, satchel, cross bag, wristlet or others, the trend this spring is anything in a bright color. This can be a pastel, from pinks and blues, to bold shades of colors too. Nude or neutral color bags are also in style during the spring, which can easily match with any style of clothes. In addition, many bags also have embellishments and designs to help give them an extra bit of flair. A style that is popular this season have to do with the size of bags. There are wallet/wristlet-size bags that include a shoulder strap that many love to carry. Others? They prefer the larger style of bags. Oversized bags are great if you need to carry many items with you. Read more trends in Fashioners’ Spring/Summer 2017 Handbag Trends.

Jewelry and Sunglasses

For the latest in jewelry accessory trends, bonbon earrings are on the rise. You could also call these “statement earrings,” like a “statement necklace.” These are long dangling earrings composed of large circles. They are available in a wide variety of colors to pair with any outfit. And while these bold earrings are on the rise, a simple, thin choker necklace is also on the rise. Another must-have for the longer days are sunglasses. The aviator style still remains a popular choice for glasses. However, retro is also a top choice. This can include sunglasses with rounded lenses and a straight or slightly curved nosepiece that connects them. Sunglasses with embellishments is also a popular style. This is great to coordinate with a handbag color or earrings.

Incorporating Leather

Just because the temperatures are rising doesn’t mean you can’t rock a great leather jacket. Spring is filled with cooler days and the evenings are often cool as well, even in the summer. If you have a brown or worn black leather jacket, pair it with a pastel or neutral handbag that doesn’t overly compete. However, you could pair bonbon style earrings with a jacket to help add an extra pop to your style. If you wear your jacket during the day, they pair very well with both aviator and retro-style sunglasses. Last, don’t forget that leather bags are reliable and a great accessory to add to your closet.

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