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Top 3 Things you Must Do with Your Fur Coats in Denver This Spring

April 19, 2017

Can you believe another winter has flown by? As we move into spring, it is important to make sure you are taking proper care of your furs when preparing to hang them up until next fall and winter. After all, your furs are a precious investment that you want to ensure lasts for a long time. Learn why it is important to have your furs cleaned and glazed at the end of the season and tips for storing your fur coats in Denver.


It is crucial to clean your fur coats once or even twice per year. Once before storing for the warmer months and then again midway through the cold season when you are wearing them often. However, cleaning furs can be an extensive process as they cannot simply be thrown into a washer and dryer. And in fact, one of the main reasons why fur must be cleaned is due to the oils within it that can become dry, which gives it a dull and harsh texture. When owning fur, you want it to have the silky feeling. Through a proper cleaning process, fur will be dry cleaned to remove any buildup that it has obtained over the season. This can include anything from outside elements, smoke, hairspray, dust, dirt, makeup, etc.


Fur glazing is a process that can be done once a year to bring life to your furs, in addition to having them cleaned. It will also help to preserve them as well. Glazing can be done once the cleaning process is complete. It helps furs to retain moisture and keeps the inside of your jackets, coats or other clothing from cracking. Plus, it will help give them the healthy and silky look and feel. To get the best results, it is best to have this and the cleaning process done by an expert.


As the warmer months arrive and you will no longer need your long and heavy fur coats, it is important to properly store them. First, you want to make sure the coat is in a breathable environment. This means keeping it out of a bag or a crowded closet. Next, you will want to make sure the area is dry. Any extra moisture in the room or closet can hurt the overall quality of the coat. In addition, you will need to make sure the place your furs are stored is not around cedar or moth balls as these two elements can hurt the quality as well. Last, when hanging, they need to be stored on hangers that help them hold their shape, which typically does not include wire or plastic. They need to be of a higher quality. For more tips on fur storage, check out Livestrong’s Fur Coat Storage Tips.

Given that there is so much work that goes into cleaning, glazing and storing furs, it is best to trust an expert with each of these to ensure your furs hold their quality. This is where Jonval can help! Through our certified fur storage in Denver, CO services, you can trust that we will care for and properly maintain all your furs all year long. We can even arrange a time that works with your schedule for free pick-up and delivery. Give us a call at 720-377-1555 to get started.