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Prom 2017 Fashion Ideas and How to Incorporate a Denver Leather Jacket

As spring arrives, it also means something major is coming up—prom season! This is a great time for high school students to make memories, spend quality times with a date and friends and so much more. Each prom season comes new fashion trends. Check out some of these fashion tips for both young men and women, followed by ways you can incorporate a Denver leather jacket to make you stand out in the crowd!


As young men are making their arrangements for their prom attire, one of the first things to do is to coordinate with their date on attire. It is great to have a matching color scheme between the two. Corsages and boutonnieres can be coordinated in this as well. For a classic look, a black or dark grey tuxedo with a bow or neck tie is a look you can’t go wrong with. If going for a light and outdoorsy feel, or if trying to match a light color on your date, light grey is also popular. For many, they like to incorporate colors into their tux. Some styles are available in bright colors that can be complemented with a top hat or even cane! (Just make sure you are okay to carry this around for the evening…) Many styles of tux have certain embellishments, such as different colors in the lapel. Also, another element to consider is the type of tux you are renting. You can find normal fit or a slim fit.


When it comes to finding the perfect dress for prom, there are so many different styles and colors to choose from. As you think about what you want to wear, ask yourself a few questions. Are you looking for a cocktail dress that you could possibly wear again? If choosing to go with a floor length gown, would you like to go big and bold, or classic and chic? Next, ask yourself about the top of the dress. You can find elegant dresses with sleeves or that are sleeveless. One of the latest trends for 2017 is a crop top dress. It isn’t too revealing and adds something different that hasn’t been seen before. Also, the floral clothing trend is making its way into the prom season scene. Some dresses have a flowery top and long bottom made of tulle, while others have flowers incorporated throughout the dress from top to bottom. As you work to decide what type of gown you would like for prom, visit Seventeen’s “Prom Dresses and Style 2017.”

Incorporating Leather

While you want to keep an elegant look during your event, after-prom is a time to kick off your shoes and relax. If attending post-prom festivities, slightly transform the look of your outfit with a leather jacket. You can keep your simple and sleek look by pairing it with a black or white jacket. It will be just the accessory to make you stand out in the crowd! Not interested in a jacket but want to add in leather? Try accessories! From wallets and purses, there are a variety of items that will complement your prom attire. Check out “The Perfect Accessories for Your Denver Leather Jacket” for ideas.

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