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Ready to Change Your Style? Try These Tips from Your Leather Store in Denver

March 8, 2017

Have you ever considered changing up your style? Stepping out of your comfort zone when it comes to the clothing you wear can be intimidating. In many cases, you do not even know where to begin. You can take the clothing change as slowly as you need to, but you can change up the items in your closet and be happy! From keeping your style transition authentic and tips through the clothing transition, to ways to incorporate leather, try some of these tips from your leather store in Denver.

Keeping it Authentic

When making the decision to change up your personal style, you will want to be authentic. You want to be able to find clothing you are willing to wear daily. This consistency will make it easier on you to feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing, which will illuminate from you to those around you. You must fully commit to the new clothing decisions you make and avoid keeping some of your old style mixed with the new, especially if they are opposites. One of the first things you can do to decide on what style you’d like is to find inspiration. You can talk to a local clothing store or browse the web. As you work through this process, try InStyle’s 5 Easy Steps to Flawless Style.

Tips Through Transitioning Your Wardrobe

When you are completely making over your wardrobe, you may feel like running back to your comfort zone with your own clothing. Therefore, it is important to find clothing that you truly feel you can wear daily. During this process, you can take things slow and slowly begin incorporating news things into your rotation. This way, it might not be as shocking to yourself and others. Try wearing certain items on your days off where you might not be around the same groups of people. Then slowly on a weekly basis, incorporate elements of your new clothing style into your daily wear. Eventually, you will have transitioned your wardrobe where you are wearing your new clothes on a regular basis. You can give back and sell old ones online, in a yard sale or donate them.

Ways to Incorporate Leather

When it comes to changing up your wardrobe, leather is a great fabric to incorporate. It is breathable, easy to clean and can be worn all year long. This is especially great when the days might be warm but nights are cool. Leather pairs well with a great pair of quality light or dark pair of jeans, or with dress pants. You can also add in leather accessories, from wallets to purses.

As you make a style transition to incorporate leather, Jonval Leather and Furs can help! We have a wide variety of options available to help you slowly incorporate this style into your daily wear. Be sure to check out the perfect accessories for your Denver leather jacket. Ready to get started? Stop by and see us from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday at 6880 E. Evans Ave. in Denver.